All about me

My name is Maria. I am 13 and I love dogs, candy, reading and playing tennis. I go to St Cuthbert's College. My birthday is the 9th of September, and I was born in 2004, the Year of the Dog. I have many pets, but my favourite pet is my dog. She is called Cookie.

This is where I will write

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All about my family

My mum is called Mei and my dad is called Zheng. They came to New Zealand about 20 years ago, from China. They were born in Shanghai. My mum has a sister who also has a son. His name is Shou. My dad's brother's son is called Kevin. My dad's brother lives in Japan with Kevin. My grandma and grandpa on my mum's side live with me and my parents, and my grandma on my dad's side lives very close to my house.